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From "Estrade Matthieu" <>
Subject The best hook ?
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2002 18:46:29 GMT

I would like to know the best hook to register my module init function.
In this function, my aim is:

1- Open files
2- Take data
3- Put this data in structures (alloc memory)
4- All Childs must be able to read/modify all this data.

I did my hook with ap_hook_post_config.
Do you think it's the best way ?

When I setup a MaxRequestPerChild 10000, my childs restart.

I alloc memory to structure in my init function with calloc because, I
am unable to use the apr_pool_p in subfunctions.

When the child restart, does it call the post_config function.?
Because I see debug message like when apache init the module.

Best regards

Estrade Matthieu

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