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From "Andre Schild" <>
Subject Antw: RE: 2.0/2.1 split?
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 21:38:44 GMT
>I think this is an important fact which then stops many 
>users from updating to Apache2 because of missing their favorite
>All platforms which mainly use binary distributions such as Win32 and
Netware are affected...

As we are using Apache 2.x on Win32 and Linux I'm just affected by
those "not" available modules.
We upgraded from 1.3.x to the 2.x version about one month ago.

We had the intention to do it before, but we did not because:

- A 2.0 release is still a .0 release (The .36 doesn't count in this)
  Never trust a .0 release !!
  It's in my mind and probably in the heads of most sysadmins out there

- mod_jk for the java integration is very difficult to find, and
binaries are not available for win32
  Actually it works, with some small problems, but it now works

- mod_auth_ldap ..... did find exactly one, but who didn't work on
win32, nothing else.
  So I had to investigate and solve the problem myself.
  For 1.3.x there are a lot of ldap modules available, even win32

- mod_ssl  no mod_ssl included in the win32 binaries and until recently
no win32 binaries
  of this module where available

Consider all the things above, then tell a sysadmin why he should
upgrade, his 1.3.x server just does then job too.
There are just some important modules missing or not working reliably
for productive environments.

When the modules become available and the api doesn't change for
several months, 
then I think, the upgrades to the 2.0.x release will happen.

We have our own webservers and also maintain several client webservers
Our servers have been upgraded to 2.0.40, but we will only upgrade our
client webservers 
to the 2.x release, when our own servers have proved stability for 2-3


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