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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Adding apreq-2 to httpd-2.0
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 05:51:50 GMT

The apreq developers would like to see apreq-2 [*] 
make its way into the apache 2 distribution.  Here's why:

1)  Having a built-in library for parsing cookies, url-encoded
    query strings, and POST data would be useful for other bundled
    core modules, e.g. mod_usertrack, mod_isapi.  It would also
    provide this functionality to other communities that already
    depend on it in some way (mod_perl, mod_dtcl, mod_php).  The
    C/C++ programmers that currently use it would also benefit.

2)  Other ASF projects that aren't familiar with apreq would
    be better served by adopting it instead of providing the 
    equivalent functionality themselves. apreq is reasonably fast,
    secure, and standards-compliant.  apreq-2 is an improved
    version that is ported to work with httpd-2.0.

3)  We (the active apreq developers) will support, develop and 
    improve the library.  We're not asking the httpd developers 
    to take over those responsibilities for us; but if anyone
    would like to help, they are certainly welcome.  It just
    makes more sense to have our code bundled with apache than
    it does to continue maintaining a separate distribution.
4)  apreq-2 is compact, and it makes good use of apr/apr-util.
    It should require very little additional effort to add it to
    the core other than bringing its API docs up to speed.  A patch 
    against current httpd-2.0 cvs is at

5) The apreq-2 tests are already written: here's a patch for 

We'll try to address any concerns as they are raised.


[*] - Some background on (lib)apreq:  

  apreq is a safe, standards-compliant, high-performance library 
  used for parsing HTTP cookies, query-strings and POST data.  The 
  current version apreq-1 is well tested and widely deployed.  It 
  was designed and originally implemented by Lincoln Stein and Doug 
  MacEachern over four years ago, and has seen many improvements since 
  then.  apreq was placed under the ASF umbrella in December 2000.

  The 2.0 version of apreq is an improved version that's been
  ported to run on httpd-2.0.  Here's a brief list of features
  it has that apreq-1 does not:

  * provides overridable parsers for "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
    "multipart/form-data", and in the future "text/xml" enctypes.

  * accepts chunked POST data.

  * Support for RFC-based Cookies.

  * XForms will be supported.

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