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From "" <>
Subject Re: 2.0.40 (UNIX), mysterious SSL connections to self
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 05:12:00 GMT
> I'd bet that this is idle server maintenance (taking down a child
> process which isn't necessary).  The non-SSL path doesn't log an error
> for a dummy connect but evidently the SSL path does.
> The connect to itself isn't a bug, though it would be nice to avoid the
> SSL complaints.  Try swapping the order of your listen statements to see
> if that gets rid of the complaints (i.e., if the dummy connect to wake
> up a child is then done to the non-SSL socket).

Well, incredible... that seems to have gotten rid of the errors (at least, 
none have appeared in 2 hours whereas usually one appears within a few 

I commented out the Listen 443 in ssl.conf, and instead modified httpd.conf 
so that it says this:

<IfDefine SSL>
        Listen 443
Listen 80

i.e. Listen 443 before Listen 80

And no more complaints. Perhaps something like this should be the 
"recommended" configuration, or maybe if apache processed ssl.conf before 
httpd.conf that would accomplish the same thing?

- Jem Berkes

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