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From "" <>
Subject 2.0.40 (UNIX), mysterious SSL connections to self
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 00:37:58 GMT
I apologize if this (bug?) has already been brought up or resolved earlier. 
I noticed a frequently occuring error being logged:

[error] Spurious SSL handshake interrupt [Hint: Usually just one of those 
OpenSSL confusions!?]

Looking into the matter, I discovered that this error is logged whenever a 
connection from localhost to localhost:443 is made. The errors ALWAYS occur 
after apachectl startssl; they never occur with apachectl start.

Netstat can't identify the PID of the originator. But I'm quite sure the 
connections originate from httpd back to itself, but only when SSL is 
active. Watching the server for a while with tcpdump -i lo port 443, I can 
see these mysterious connections at irregular times and the resulting 

Another thing I discovered is that the frequency of mysterious connections 
to self is closely related to the amount of server traffic (purely non-SSL 
traffic). I extracted times from my logs and plotted the data, which shows 
that the frequency of the 'Spurious SSL' errors is related to the amount of 
server traffic. Note that there is no actual SSL traffic; it's completely 
firewalled off.

Why does Apache connect to itself on the ssl port? Is this a bug relating 
to the thread cleanup/reset procedure (hence, more traffic, more cleanups, 
more connections, more errors?).


Jem Berkes

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