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From Sascha Schumann <>
Subject Re: c-client's thread-safeness
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 07:35:21 GMT
> This is a particularly interesting case as Mark is pretty adamant
> that strtok() and gethostbyname() should be thread-safe and the fact
> that it isn't on most platforms doesn't persuade him to use
> strtok_r() or gethostbyname_r() if available.  (Not that I disagree
> with him here - these *should* be thread-safe calls.)

    That is clearly wishful thinking -- strtok/gethostbyname are
    legacy, non-reentrant APIs according to POSIX/SUSv3.

    The problem with these APIs is that it is impossible to make
    them reentrant.  Yes, you can solve half of the problem by
    using thread-local storage in the legacy APIs.  But then they
    are still not reentrant, just thread-safe.

    For portable applications, there is only one choice -- use
    those interfaces which are marked as reentrant and don't
    assume that suddenly all vendors will provide thread-safe
    implementations of non-reentrant APIs.  That simply won't

    What's his problem with the reentrant APIs?  Is the cost of
    transition too painful for him?

    - Sascha

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