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Subject Re: Counting bytes_sent in core output_filter Re: [PATCH: Apache 2.0] mod_log_config: input/output bytes
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 23:03:19 GMT

> > IMO, the best solution is to move the bytes_sent information to the
> > conn_rec, and have the protocol module reset it whenever it wants to.  For
> > backwards compat, it would be REALLY cool, if the r->bytes_sent could be
> > linked to c->bytes_sent, but it can't, so oh well.
> Why don't we just add up the lengths of headers and the status line and
> be done with it? It will be accurate, since we know which headers are
> being sent out.

It's the body data that I care about, and you don't know that it will be
accurate, because the client could have terminated the request half-way
through sending the headers.


Ryan Bloom               
550 Jean St
Oakland CA 94610

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