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From Tim Wilde <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Added <IfModule> wrappers to (fwd)
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 19:26:19 GMT
On Thu, 1 Aug 2002, Joshua Slive wrote:

> Personally, I have mixed feelings about this patch, which is why I haven't
> committed it myself.  Yes, it does make the default config file more
> generally useful with different configurations.  But it also makes the
> default config file less of a good example.  The <IfModule> wrappers have
> a real tendency to confuse people, because they get the idea that you MUST
> place your directives inside them.

The way I see it, you confuse (or perhaps more aptly, annoy) clueful
migrants from 1.3 like myself by leaving them out - we expect those
<IFModule>'s to be there - they're there in the default 1.3 config file,
after all.  I figured this as a no-brainer, because it seems to work well
in 1.3.


Tim Wilde
Systems Administrator
Dynamic DNS Network Services

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