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From Sťbastien Bonnegent <>
Subject Re: Share data between servers
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 08:00:35 GMT
Graham Leggett wrote:
GL> Sébastien Bonnegent wrote:
GL> > Not necessarily, because I can detect in the proxy module when the server
GL> > responds with a 401 (need authentification) and in this case, I re-send
GL> > a request with a authentification field if the user is already authentified
GL> > on the proxy. And this, without any browser's cooperation.
GL> In that case I've lost you - can you explain again what you are trying 
GL> to achieve? I understood that you were trying to force a transparent 
GL> proxy to authenticate users through it, I don't see how the end server 
GL> should get involved in any of this...?

The server doesn't see that there is a proxy, the schema is as follow:
| User --------------------  Proxy ------------------- Server |
Get an URL   ---->       do nothing     ---->       Need auth
                       If User is known
                              give user 
                              auth header (auth)--->
user provides
          (auth)----> catch the authentification header
                      and store it somewhere   (auth)---->  

(401) means "need authentification", a 401 request
(auth) means that the request contains an authentification header

Is it more clear ?

Best regards,
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