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From "Marvin Heffler" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Add LSB layout to config.layout
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 16:08:17 GMT

>Okay, why does it need to be installed into /opt/lsb-apache?????  Why
>won't /opt/apache or /opt/apache2 work?

The LSB version of apache needs to be installed in /opt/lsb-apache to avoid
name space collision. Some system may already have a different version of
apache installed there or the apache team itself may want to make one
available in the future using /opt/apache. By prepending the "lsb-" it
makes sure we don't overwrite someone elses code.

>As for getting an LSB compliant
>version available from the ASF site, what would that look like?  We
>don't distribute rpm's currently, so would it basically be a binary copy
>of Apache that uses the /opt layout?  If so, I am not sure how that
>would work.  Our current installation script would probably need to be
>changed to recognize the new layout, and that would mean more logic to

The LSB spec requires a compliant application to be packaged in rpm format.
What the LSB team would like to see is a directory called "lsb" added to
dist/httpd/binaries on the ASF site. In this directory would be the lsb
compliant rpm along with an appropriate README file. The LSB team could
provide these files initially and maintain them until such time as the
apache team wants to take over.

>IMHO, as long as the layout is in config.layout, I think we should just
>call the work finished.  But, that is just my opinion, so others should
>feel free to figure out how to distribute an LSB-compliant binary.

Since we have determined the opt layout can be used, there is no longer a
need to add an LSB layout to config.layout. Building an LSB compliant
apache just requires using the correct set of parameters to configure and

>Ryan Bloom


Marvin Heffler
Linux Standard Base
IBM Linux Technology Center
11400 Burnet Road, Zip 908-1A33
Austin, TX 78758
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