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From Sťbastien Bonnegent <>
Subject Re: Share data between servers
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2002 11:57:47 GMT
Graham Leggett wrote:
GL> Sébastien Bonnegent wrote:
GL> > Is there a way to share data (in my case a apr_array_header_t)
GL> > between all the httpd process ?
GL> > 
GL> > I have to use it to provide single sign-on functionality with
GL> > the proxy module. I have to store some informations about old 
GL> > requests from all httpd process (true and virtual).
GL> Simply configuring an authentication module in Apache should provide 
GL> single sign on for you using basic authentication without any code 
GL> modification.

Oh ! I think that I have missed something. Could you give me an example
of this configuration please ?

GL> What exactly are you trying to achieve?

I want to make a transparent proxy where the client only
have to give an authentification the first time for a domain
and after the proxy gives the authentification for the others
domains. In this system, the auth system must recognize the Basic 
and the Digest mecanisms.

For example:

 ----------     -----------     ---------
| a client |-->| SSO-proxy |-->| Server1 | for the domain:
 ----------     ----------- \   ---------
                             \>| Server2 | for the domain:
                              \ ---------
                               \> ...

A client connect to "", and provide an authentification.
Later, the same client connect to "" without give again
an authentification.

In my opinion, I though to provide the auth header instead of the client
in the proxy module. The differents servers (Server1, Server2, ...) could
be of any type (Apache, IIS, ...).

Do you see what I mean ?

Best regards,
seß - sinad
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