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From Sébastien Bonnegent <>
Subject How can I use a data structure shared by all the httpd process ?
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 14:11:32 GMT

My purpose is sharing a data structure.
For example with an array:
- httpd creation, my_array is empty
- there are 8 servers launched
- server1 add an entry named (X)
- server5 add an entry
- server3 read an entry
- server7 remove the (X) entry
After this, my_array contains one line which is the server5 entry.

For the moment, I use a "apr_array_header_t * my_array" and I put
it in httpd.h.

My problem is :
	each server process access to a copy of the array, so they
	could not share data..
		server1 array contains 0 element
		server2 array contains 3 elements
		server3 ....

But, I want :
	an unique array
		server1 ----\
		server2	-----\	
		server3 ------\
		server4 ----------> contains X elements

Please, could someone give me a solution ?

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