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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject RE: ldap
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 12:56:59 GMT

> Brad Nicholes wrote:
> >   So it seems like we burned all of our bridges.  We had somebody
> > working on it until we added it in.  Then the author stopped so we took
> > it out.  Now we not only don't have anybody working on it, we also don't
> > have it.
> I don't think it's a case of noone working on it (there have been some
> commits lately), I think it's a case of it not getting any exposure.
> People "out there" don't consider it part of httpd if it doesn't come in
> the httpd download.
> Also the concept of "working on it" needs clarification. If the thing
> works as it stands, then there is no reason to commit anything to it.
> However some people have translated "no commits to the code" as meaning
> "noone is maintaining it", which I believe is wrong.
> "Maintaining it" means that someone here is willing to respond to
> reported PRs, and to answer questions about it, and to review patches.
>  From what I've seen there are a few people here who have shown their
> willingness to do it to date (in the form of emails answered and patches
> committed), so to all intents and purposes we can call the thing
> "maintained".
> > IMO, if we put it back at least in experimental, maybe we can
> > get developers working on it again (including the author).
> If it goes in experimental, then we can get it *tested*. The code came
> from a well established v1.3 module with a rich feature set. It was then
> modified to fit into Apache v2.0. There is no reason I can see why it
> shouldn't work as it stands, apart from bugs introduced by it being in a
> threaded environment where it wasn't before (some of which have already
> been found and fixed).
> I would argue that "experimental" would be the best place for it until
> it matures.
> > Since the code already exists and seems to
> > work, putting it into /experimental until it stabilizes seems like a
> > simple thing to do.
> No argument there.

+1 on putting it into experimental.


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