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From "Jess M. Holle" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Move AUTH_LDAP to /experimental (was:authentication rewrite)
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2002 14:22:57 GMT
I also find the current 'httpd-ldap' sub-project status lamentable -- 
though at least at 2.0.40 it builds (but has to be patched to run on 
Windows!) and includes instructions for making it part of your Apache 2 
build process (on UNIX).

The lack of MSVC++ projects on Windows (which and Apache 
2 main modules both provide for their stuff), the lack of API 
compatibility, usage/test exposure, etc, all make the sub-project a bad 
thing.  Worse, it has scared off the original folk from 
maintaining it -- leaving critical LDAP authentication functionality in 

Overall, these modules should either move into experimental or back to!

Jess Holle

G√ľnter Knauf wrote:

>the last year showed that auth_ldap was always forgotten when the Apache2 APIs changed
while all other modules which were in the main source tree were always correctly updated.
So this ended up in that auth_ldap wasnt usable / compilable the whole last year; or better
since it moved to its own project.
>So keeping the module as an own project is more worse than removing it completely from
the Apache projetcs...
>then it's better if the original author maintains it again...
>so if you dont want to move it into the Apache2 sources back remove it completely and
tell the original author that the ASF is not willing to maintain the module!
>>   Now that 2.0.40 has been released and we are in development of .41
>>and the fact that there has been a proposal for re-architecting the AUTH
>>modules, I would like to propose that we move AUTH_LDAP out of it's own
>>project and into experimental.  This will enable AUTH_LDAP to get more
>>exposure as an external module, allow it to be included in future
>>releases of Apache 2 for testing and stabilization, and make sure that
>>it is not overlooked in future development.  LDAP is an important
>>authentication method and should be supported in Apache.

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