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From "Jess M. Holle" <>
Subject Apache httpd-ldap module issue
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2002 16:58:28 GMT
The Apache 2 modules in the httpd-ldap sub-project (which should be 
moved into 'experimental' in my opinion and have standard MSVC++ 
projects created, etc -- though I have no vote) crash on Windows 2000 in 
Apache 2.0.40.  [Yes, I'll file a bug as appropriate.]

The issue is use of uninitialized memory in util_ldap_cache_init() [in 
util_ldap_cache.c].  This routine declares a variable on stack, 
'rmm_lock', and passes it to apr_rmm_init() without initializing it. 
 apr_rmm_init() expects this argument to be initialized and causes a 
later crash on Windows as a result of finding random gargly-gook in this 
structure and interpretting it in such a way that does not match the 
reality of the situation.

My patch (sorry I'm new at this and don't know how to generate proper 
patches :-(  ) is to no longer declare this variable and pass NULL to 
apr_rmm_init() in its place -- as apr_rmm_init() can take a NULL for 
this argument.  This seems to work fine on Windows and Solaris -- though 
I can't get this module to load on AIX (no, I've not yet tried the 
original code....)

The line are (in patch pseudo-syntax):

Lines 293-297:

      apr_status_t util_ldap_cache_init(apr_pool_t *pool, apr_size_t
    -     apr_anylock_t rmm_lock;


and lines 305-308:

          /* This will create a rmm "handler" to get into the shared
    memory area */
      -    apr_rmm_init(&util_ldap_rmm, &rmm_lock,
      +    apr_rmm_init(&util_ldap_rmm, NULL,
                  (void *)apr_shm_baseaddr_get(util_ldap_shm), reqsize,

The only alternative that I see is to add a call to initialize 
'rmm_lock', but from my brief scan it would appear that passing null is 
a more efficient way of accomplishing the same thing.

Any comments?

Jess Holle

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