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From Brian Pane <>
Subject [PATCH] Re: proxy & cgi no longer streamed, C-L filter buffers
Date Sun, 18 Aug 2002 22:03:40 GMT
Blaise Tarr wrote:

>With 2.0.40 content coming from mod_proxy and mod_cgi is no longer
>streamed to the client but sent in one big chunk.  It appears that the
>C-L filter now buffers the data in every case.  For certain
>applications this is a very undesirable feature, and it would be very
>helpful if the C-L filter could be bypassed (and simply not send back
>a C-L header).  In 2.0.32 streaming behaved beautifully.  Then in
>2.0.36 and 2.0.39 the C-L filter started buffering large chunks.  Now
>in 2.0.40 everything is buffered and a C-L header is always inserted.
>Could the 2.0.32 streaming/C-L behavior be brought back, perhaps
>enabled by a config option?

Here's a patch that removes the buffering.  Let me know if
it solves the proxy streaming problem.

This patch takes a simplified approach to the C-L computation.
The first time the C-L filter is called for a request, it checks
whether it's been passed an entire response (as denoted by an
EOS at end of the brigade).  If so, it sets the content-length
for the response header.  If not, it just passes all the data
on to the next filter.

With this patch, we'll end up not sending a C-L header on most
shtml or CGI pages.  As a result, the server will add a
"Connection: close" for HTTP/1.0 clients and will use chunked
encoding for HTTP/1.1 clients.


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