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From "Aryeh Katz" <>
Subject Re: different module building semantics
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2002 21:01:31 GMT
> > 
> > I was referring to modules that are in the experimental directory...
> you mean something like
> "--enable-cache=shared"
> doesn't work for you?
I used --enable-shared=all to force shared libraries. That's what I meant in my 
original post about different module building semantics.
Once I set it to =shared, then it was in fact a shared module.

I would just prefer the ability to do --enable-module=... and --enable-shared 
once, whether it is a supported module or not.
Does it make sense to have duplicate logic that doesn't work across the 
1) enable-my-module
2) enable-module=my_module
If I'm not mistaken, I can write --enable-shared=all, and case 2 will make it 
Aryeh Katz

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