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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: ldap
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 07:50:38 GMT
Scott Lamb wrote:

> - no documentation. I've heard it mentioned and seen it in google 
> caches, but it seems to be gone otherwise. (It didn't make the 
> transition to the httpd-ldap module? Maybe it's in the cvs attic 
> somewhere.)

It looks like docs were removed from httpd-2.0, and not put into httpd-ldap.

> - not closing connections. The patch to fix this was trivial, but I was 
> surprised no one had seen this problem before. (Are there any cases it 
> didn't occur?) It suggests to me no one uses it intensely.

It won't be used intensely until it's in experimental.

> - ldap_status always says nothing is cached.

Send a patch...

> - with caching disabled, it segfaults. (I think because lots of code 
> assumes util_ald_create_caches will return non-null. IIRC it segfaults 
> at util_ldap.c:766 in revision 1.5)

Again, send a patch.

> These are why I asked earlier if it was maintained. And why I still 
> don't really trust it.

This has nothing to do with maintenance, but rather to do with the new 
environments (threaded, etc) that Apache v2.0 supports, which has 
uncovered new problems.

"It has bugs" does not mean it's not maintained, it just means it's not 
mature yet.

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