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From Martin Kutschker <>
Subject authn/authz - 2.0/2.1 split
Date Sat, 31 Aug 2002 17:48:14 GMT

Here comes my point which ist that of an outsider/user.

Yes, breaking compatibily sucks, so I'd say 2.1 seems like a god idea. But from what I read
here it is just now wort the hassle. Why? The installed userbase of 2.0 is not large enough
(with missing PHP/perl support and still evolving filter features). IMHO you may still break
existing configs. It shouldn't get a habit but it's ok once or twice. Which, BTW, reminds
me of the SSL config bug (SSLAcceptMutex options horked). That one has also possible backwards

I suggest that someone (or a team) works on the new aaa architecture on his (their) own server.
The result can than be dropped into the main dev when it is ready.

But I would not change to much for 2.0 or it will have problems with distributors. I guess,
endless rewriting install scipts for packages is a dull job ;-)


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