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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject authn/authz split
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 06:48:39 GMT
Since no one had any feedback to the earlier posts about splitting
the auth modules into authn/authz, I decided to just call it authn
(old auth) and authz (what Dirk called access). (expanded)

This is an extension over Dirk's aaa.tar.gz that he posted.  It
does *not* add the provider API.

- apr_lib.h isn't where apr_password_validate is, it's apr_md5.h.
- renamed mod_access* to mod_authz*
- mod_access.c->mod_authz_default.c
- mod_auth.c->mod_auth_basic.c
- removed all internal prefixes on the config_recs
- style cleanup
- AuthUserFile will be a bit wonky until mod_auth_basic is refactored with
  provider support.

My plan is to commit this tomorrow AM and then add in the provider
support shortly thereafter.  Any new files will be created from
scratch rather than try to keep revision history.  When we get
done with this, the code won't look anything like what it was before.

Any objections?

I imagine auth may be a little wonky until this settles down, but
once it settles down, we can ensure we're backwards-compat with the
old aaa system.  No one other than Aaron and myself seem interested
in calling this 2.1, so we stay at 2.0 with this and potentially not
having directive back-compat if it doesn't shake out.  -- justin

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