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From Bohdan Vlasyuk <>
Subject [PATCH] default configuration file
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 16:08:23 GMT

I've discovered several problems regarding charsets and langauges
set up in apache default config. Attached is the patch which attempts
to fix is. since I'm new to apache-dev I might have chagned something
which was put there on putpose, so please rewive the things, I await
your comments.

The same thing is done for 1.3 which is also attached.

I'll coment some issues briefly here:

diff -u -r1.13

[..] the list is altered to reflect current order (almost)

-LanguagePriority en da nl et fr de el it ja ko no pl pt pt-br ltz ca es sv tw
+LanguagePriority en da nl et fr de el it ja ko no pl pt pt-br ltz ca es sv tw uk uk-UA

[..] I'm not sure who put there KOI8-RU but I'm certain KOI8-U is widely known
so i've moved .ua to refer to that. It may break some compatibility, though
KOI8-RU must be compatible with KOI8-U.

-AddCharset KOI8-ru     .koi8-uk .ua
+AddCharset KOI8-ru     .koi8-uk  .koi8-ru

[..] the URL has changed
-# See
+# See

[..] as notes, UTF-* are all
uppercase so I changed that. also there were duplicate charsets for utf[78]

+AddCharset UTF-7        .utf7
-AddCharset utf-7       .utf7

If you have any comments/suggestion pleace contact me.

"Nuclear war would really set back cable."
- Ted Turner

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