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From Gabriel Ambuehl <>
Subject Re[2]: perchild on FreeBSD 5?
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 10:05:12 GMT
Hi Ben Laurie,
you wrote.

BL> Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:
>> Am I correct assuming that when they are mutex'ed that there will be
>> one instance of XX_lib PER perchild process, right? So eventually,
>> each domain will be able to serve one request at a time?
BL> Surely not. It just means only one thread will be in the library at a time.

I'm not really that experienced with regards to threading on Unix
(once got burnt quite badly and burnt kids fear fire...) but if there
is only one thread at a time allowed to be in the library there can
only be one PHP request served (I might should have noted that I
was referring to PHP requests) at a time by that process, no?


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