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From "Padwa, Daniel" <>
Subject RE: Going to 2.1? was Re: authentication rewrite
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2002 19:54:48 GMT
> I'd really like to see us start attacking smaller-grain problems and
releasing those 
> features more often, rather than lining up years and years of "ooh me too
and this
> too" until we've got bugs coming out of our ears and nothing stable out
the door for
> our users and testers. IMHO, a new auth framework is a *perfect* target
for the next
> milestone, and it makes sense to call it 2.1.

Sounds like a very healthy idea.

At some point (perhaps now, perhaps soon - I don't have a vote) it will be
time to declare 2.0 closed to major refactoring.

Without digging deep into the process, it's often hard to know

Seriously, though, something like this that could (will necessarily?) break
third-party auth modules would do well to have a version number bump

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