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From "David Hill" <>
Subject resolving SSL with
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 20:06:44 GMT
    Building 2.0.40 on Tru64 I am seeing issues with building a resolved

I am using OpenSSL with the SSL libs built static. I get messages about
unresolved symbols when loading mod_ssl. I chased it down but need some
advice on a real resolution.

As you all know, mod_ssl needs to resolve against -lss -lcrypto. What I am
seeing is that:

*  correctly detects that SSL is desired,
* finds the libs in the right place (I specify the location),
* knows that additional libraries, -lssl and -lcrypto are needed.
* adds -lssl and -lcrypto to EXTRA_LIBS

We are golden so far ... if we are building a static httpd, but I want to
build apache DSO.

When linking http, I do see the EXTRA_LIBS on the link line...

But... I am building, so there are no SSL calls in httpd to
resolve against, so in effect, the EXTRA_LIBS are ignored when linking
httpd. If my SSL libraries were built shared, then the linker would put a
runtime requirement into the httpd image that would load the SSL libs, but
my SSL libs are static.

So, normally I would expect that the link command creating would
include the needed EXTRA_LIBS, but I don't see any provision for this.

Hacking modules/ssl/ and adding -lssl -lcrypto, and makeing I do end up with a fully resolved

Am I missing something dreadfully obvious here ?

It would seem to me that other than the static httpd case, resolving all DSO
against -lssl -lcrypto is not the right thing to do. If my SSL libs were
shared, then each of the DSO modules would load the SSL libs regardless if
they were needed or not. Given the size of the SSL libs that is a pain.

The right answer (?) would seem to be configure setting SSL_LIBS, and
somehow inserting them into the proper place depending on where they are
needed (httpd link or the link).

So any words of wisdom or thoughts from you build gurus out there ?

    Dave Hill

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