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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Add LSB layout to config.layout
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 16:23:22 GMT
> >As for getting an LSB compliant
> >version available from the ASF site, what would that look like?  We
> >don't distribute rpm's currently, so would it basically be a binary
> >of Apache that uses the /opt layout?  If so, I am not sure how that
> >would work.  Our current installation script would probably need to
> >changed to recognize the new layout, and that would mean more logic
> >maintain.
> The LSB spec requires a compliant application to be packaged in rpm
> format.
> What the LSB team would like to see is a directory called "lsb" added
> dist/httpd/binaries on the ASF site. In this directory would be the
> compliant rpm along with an appropriate README file. The LSB team
> provide these files initially and maintain them until such time as the
> apache team wants to take over.

Historically, we have avoided packaging in platform specific formats,
and we have relied on the platform vendor or maintainer to do that
packaging for us and distribute it themselves.  I would imagine that the
response to this request would be the same.  Namely, that we aren't
interested in building RPMs and distributing them our site.  Obviously,
if any of the developers are interested, they are free to do so.
Personally, I am not interested.

As for taking binaries from the LSB team.  As Justin pointed out
yesterday, it is our policy to only post binaries that an ASF member has
created.  This is done for security reasons.  If you would like to
create your own RPM, you may, as long as you do not modify any code it
can still be called Apache.


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