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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Re: 2.0.40 -- again
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 15:36:59 GMT
Ugh, hate replying to my own emails, but hey sometimes you have to :(

OK, so a couple of people have replied off list that it's due to a security
exploit. If that's the case then why haven't we done a .40 release before
now? Either it's a security problem that warrants a release or it isn't.
Which one do we think it is?

If it warrants a release then we need to get one done ASAP. If that involves
going back to a known poll implementation in APR then so be it, but please
let's actually decide what we're trying to achieve here folks and have a go
at achieving it.


> > The workaround that I put in yesterday will suffice for most
> > installations, but we'll need to revert to the previous poll
> > code in order to have a GA-ready server once again.
> Then remind me again why we're having a .40 release? If the only crietria
> that it's been a while since the last one we shouldn't bother. Users won't
> follow blindly and we shouldn't release just for the sake of it.
> If the poll code will be fixed within a week why not wait for that to be
> done and then test that as the mainstay of a .40 release? That seems to
> sense.
> david

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