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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: daedalus is running httpd-2.0.pre40
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 17:02:22 GMT
James Tait <> writes:

> FWIW... I, as a user, agree wholeheartedly with this approach.  If
> I've taken the time out to write web pages then I don't want them
> clobbered when I upgrade Apache.  In the same way, if I've taken the
> time out to configure Apache the way I want it, I don't want that
> configuration clobbered when I upgrade.

nothing is getting clobbered

>                                           Nor do I want spurious -std
> files copying in there to confuse matters.

Some of us want the -std files though.  From time to time I (and
potentially many other people who start with Apache's basic
httpd.conf) compare httpd.conf and httpd-std.conf to see if I want to
merge in some of the Apache changes.

I don't think anybody would be in favor of not providing
httpd-std.conf; perhaps the issue is just where to put it when the
user does an install (from binbuild or from make install it should
work the same).

Jeff Trawick |
Born in Roswell... married an alien...

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