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Subject Config file reading
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 19:25:21 GMT

While having to do some m4 stuff - I am looking at some config file
itches. In the perfect world; how should this be parsed - is all this
acceptable and equivanlent ?

	ServerDirectory	/tmp/foo/bar
	ServerDirectory	"/tmp/foo/bar"
	ServerDirectory	/tmp/"foo"/bar (*)
	ServerDirectory	"/tmp/foo"/bar (*)

all the same ? Now how about

	ServerDirectory	"C:/My Documents/www"
	ServerDirectory	C:/My\ Documents/www	(*)

i.e. Should we allow an escaped space ?

Now we also allow line continuation:

	ServerDirector /tmp\

is allowed - but the whitespace in this

	ServerDirector /tmp\	(*)

is not eater. Any feelings about this. Or is the general feel - we'll go
to proper XML one day - so this is no longer an issue.


Dirk-Willem van Gulik

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