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Subject The word on: adding modules
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 10:26:09 GMT

Right now, as devlopers, we have a whole range of methods of adding in a
module; from hacking it in, copying it into an existing modules/*
directory (e.g.  auth, mappers), APXS all the way, down to its own
directory with a little config.m4.

When documenting 'How to add your modules to apache 2.0' what should be
official word - i.e. what do we want the instructions on a random or sourceforge module to say:

	1.	APXS prefered

			apxs -c mod_foo.c bar.c comms.c

Or, if you need it,

	2.	module/foo directory with

as to allow more Configure(ation) also for the simple case ? I am looking
for 'the word' :-) as right now the 1.3 situation is messy: dso, static,
apxs, hack modules,c - and would like to some more guidance for 2.0.

Opinions ? Fears ?

Dirk-Willem van Gulik

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