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From Garey Mills <>
Subject URL parsing changed between 1.3.23 and 1.3.26?
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 20:42:25 GMT
Hi -

	Does anyone have any idea why the following URL would work in
1.3.23 and not work in 1.3.26?

:entityartJournal=UNIX Review:entityartNum=n. 11, :entityartVol=v. 13,
:entityartPage=p. 137 (1
1995:entitymyreccount=1:entityartTitle=AT&T Bell Laboratories. (the Plan 9
operating system for research and educational use)(Brief Article)(Product
Announcement)"><b>Art/Cit (Netscape only)</b></A>

The message I get from Apache 1.3.26 is:

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

The request line contained invalid characters following the protocol

And the error log shows this:

[Tue Jul  2 13:10:16 2002] [error] [client] request failed:
erroneous characters after protocol string: GET /WebZ/html
:entityartJournal=UNIX Review:entityartNum=n. 11, :enti
tyartVol=v. 13, :entityartPage=p. 137 (1
07853:entityartDate=Oct, 1995?entitymyreccount=1:entityartTitle=AT&T Bell
Laboratories. (the Plan 9 operating system for research an
d educational use)(Brief Article)(Product Announcement) HTTP/1.0

NOTE: The URL will not work as it stands because it points to a
web application and needs to have a session established. But I guarantee
that it does work in 1.3.23 and not in 1.3.26, both having mod_ssl and 
a special module called 'mod_webz' enabled.

Garey Mills
Library Systems Office
UC Berkeley

PS. If your opinion is that this really should go to the users list, or
into a bug report, please let me know. I couldn't really see it fitting in
either place. 

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