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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] 64bit compiler issues
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 15:31:46 GMT
At 07:23 PM 7/15/2002, Ryan Bloom wrote:

>We could force the size, by using apr_int32_t.  The problem that he is
>having, is that pointers on _most_ 64-bit machines (Windows is a notable
>exception, there may be others), are 64-bits long.  But we are using
>int's, which are 32-bits for the pointers.  We have the added problem
>that throughout the code, we pass in integers for void *'s.   :-(

Transposed that statement ;-/

Pointers on Win64 are 64 bits long, just like you expected.

Both int and long remain 32 bits long, unlike what you might expect
(and certainly different from Unix.)

The biggest difference is the long value.  Since Windows is a P64
OS, rather than the Linux PL64 (both pointers and longs of 64 bits)
long becomes a rather dangerous type if you are assuming that
it's interchangeable with a pointer.

When we mean a void*, we need to spell out void*.  If we need to
pass it through an integer, prove it, and we will consider an
apr_intptr_t type, that could be nothing more complicated than
a union of the appropriate int type and void* for a given platform.


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