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From Jimmy Lantz <>
Subject Re: M_GET & http_protcol.c
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 09:02:28 GMT

> > I'm thinking that I might try to implement a M_HEAD, why has this been
> > discarded in favor for M_GET with header_only?
>Because M_GET and M_HEAD are implemented the same way through the whole
>server -- the only difference is that if (r->header_only), we skip sending
>the body.  But otherwise it's quite convenient to treat them as the same,
>since they ARE the same.
>I guess I'm confused why you'd want to allow HEAD while not allowing GET.

I have a situation with mod_dav where windows DAV clients always use HEAD 
before an PUT.
I however would like to limit GET to certain users. I do this now with 
mod_rewrite but mod_rewrite can throw you a login screen.
If I now try to limit GET , clients are unable to PUT. See my problem?
/ Jim


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