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From Jimmy Lantz <>
Subject M_GET & http_protcol.c
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 09:45:12 GMT
Hi Dev Gurus,
Could anyone please give their 2 cents on my logic below:

HEAD requests are turned into M_GET with header_only set to TRUE.
By removing ', HEAD' in the line below would make it impossible to LIMIT 
only HEAD Making HEAD request allowed for all
even if you used LimitExcept.

Line 1631 in http_protocol.c states                   (r->allowed & (1 << 
M_GET))       ? ", GET, HEAD" : "",

I'm thinking that I might try to implement a M_HEAD, why has this been 
discarded in favor for M_GET with header_only?

{Apache 1.3.26}

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