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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy drops the content-length header
Date Sun, 28 Jul 2002 18:50:01 GMT wrote:

> In case anyone is interested, here are some captures taken with Sniffer 
> Pro. The key things to note are that Apache 2.0.39 mod_proxy drops the 
> Content-Length header, and also that it inserts "Content-Type: 
> text/plain".  This behaviour is causing Web-Polygraph to report 
> superfluous errors.

The adding of text/plain has been reported before. According to RFC2616:

    Any HTTP/1.1 message containing an entity-body SHOULD include a
    Content-Type header field defining the media type of that body. If
    and only if the media type is not given by a Content-Type field, the
    recipient MAY attempt to guess the media type via inspection of its
    content and/or the name extension(s) of the URI used to identify the
    resource. If the media type remains unknown, the recipient SHOULD
    treat it as type "application/octet-stream".

So, reading from the above your original application "should" have a 
content-type already (it doesn't), and Apache "should" interpret it as 
"application/octet-stream" (it doesn't either, it interprets it as 
"text/plain"). Unfortunately RFC2616 doesn't seem to specify what is 
supposed to happen if the "should" condition is not met.

Either way, the bug is not in mod_proxy but in the output filters that 
handle the response. mod_proxy doesn't touch content-type.

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