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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] httpd-std.conf WAS: RE: daedalus is running httpd-2.0.pre40
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 15:23:28 GMT
Sander Striker wrote:

> Exactly, why should users that keep their config dir clean have to pay when
> some users don't want to be troubled with getting httpd-std.conf from elsewhere
> and need it installed at their fingertips?

Getting the defaults from elsewhere doesn't bother me if the dir has a decent

> Secondly consider that you have installed 2.0.35 and are upgrading to 2.0.40.
> If ${sysconfdir}/[examples/]httpd-std.conf would be overwritten, you would have
> no chance to compare the old httpd-std.conf with the new httpd-std.conf anymore.
> I consider that diff more usefull than the diff between httpd.conf and the new
> httpd-std.conf.

Agreed.  diff'ing the defaults would be simple if we always installed them
somewhere, then copied them to conf/ only when conf/ is created.

"johannes m. richter" wrote:
> True. But this problem could be solved by appending the version number to
> the filename. httpd-std-2.0.36.conf and so on. So you'd get a nice
> collection of various standard conf files in your
> examples/templates/whatever directory.

Sorry, but the thought of an ever-growing collection of files doesn't seem very
nice to me.  You can rename them if you really want this.


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