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From David Shane Holden <>
Subject Re: daedalus is running httpd-2.0.pre40
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 19:25:35 GMT
Ryan Bloom wrote:
 > I don't, but I am not going to argue anymore.  I will simply say that
 > the way things work now, I am going to have a bunch of useless files
 > sitting in the conf/ directory of all of my production machines, because
 > every time I upgrade Apache, I will get all of the files that I have
 > deleted before.
 > The conf/ directory is mine as a user.  An initial installation copies
 > some default files around, because that is nice for us to do.
 > Subsequent installations should leave the directory alone, because that
 > directory is mine.  The same way we leave the cgi-bin, htdocs, and error
 > directories alone.  The only thing an upgrade should do, is to touch
 > binaries and manuals.  Everything else is owned by the user.

I agree with Ryan wholeheartedly here.

Here's an idea...
If conf/ exist, copy httpd.conf, magic, and mime.types (These are basic 
files that all conf/ should have, right?).  If conf/ does not exist, copy 

If we must pollute conf/ have a configure tag such as '--preserve-conf' 
which prevents conf/ from being played with at all.

I'd like to see conf/ left alone period, just like Apache was doing a week 
or so ago, but that's just me.


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