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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: gregames, are you sure about rev 1.122 ?
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 19:47:04 GMT
Karl Fogel wrote:
> I'm building HEAD of httpd right now, like this:
>    $ ./buildconf
>    $ ./configure --enable-dav --enable-so --enable-maintainer-mode
>    $ make depend
>    $ make
>    $ make install
> The last step fails because /usr/local/apache2/conf is not a
> directory, it's a file!  The file appears to be a mod_mime_magic
> configuration file or something.

> The patch is below.  In the added code, it looks like perhaps the
> sense of the first `if' test is reversed, 

whoops!  You're right...sorry about that.

> though that may be relatively harmless.  

I think that's the whole problem.  Let me fix the reversed "if" test, then try
this with an empty install directory, and see what happens.

>   If "$(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)" does not
> exist, then the conf file will itself be copied to that name!

We have to have a conf/ directory.


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