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From Helge Laurisch <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Port Redirection behind VIP to Port Balancer
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2002 16:06:10 GMT
-------Original Message-------
From: "Cliff Woolley" <> 

> You shouldn't need this patch to get what you want.  The other
> UseCanonicalName settings along with the ServerName directive should be
> able to give you what you want, I believe.

AFAIK this is not implemented. 
see this set up is for one VIP which has 500 different Domain Names, so if
you do a lookup, you will get not the same Domainname as the User might

This setup is needed when you dont want to modify the hostname but you
need do change the PORT Number.

and i think this is not implemented that way. (and i tried it ;o)) 

Helge Laurisch

Calculating in binary code is as easy as 01,10,11.  
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