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From "Adrian Grajdeanu" <>
Subject Case insensitive issues
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2002 02:14:41 GMT
I've been trying to wrap my mind around case insensitive stuff...
And I got stuck on Alias
For example:
Alias /Foo c:/Folder/Foo
allows access to

On a case insensitive plaform, one can access the same thing via
but not via

So I went into the code of mod-alias and added an optional flag field of the
style [NC] for
Alias, ScriptAlias, AliasMatch, ScriptAliasMatch, Redirect, RedirectMatch,
RedirectTemp and RedirectPermanent.

What do the bright minds of this list think of the issue?


PS. Just now been thinking that Location may need (or maybe not) similar

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