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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: daedalus is running httpd-2.0.pre40
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2002 15:30:00 GMT
> > I would be in favor of never installing them on an upgrade.  They
> > useless on a production machine that already has a configuration.
> > are meant as DEFAULT values to help people get up and running.
> And they also provide examples of how things are done.  When those
> things change on an upgrade -- such as adding the <IfModule> wrappers
> it makes excellent sense for them to be provided.

Okay, I keep asking for the REASON for installing these files.  I have
heard a couple:

1)  People want to be able to get back to the standard config files
after they have modified them.

	--  Cool.  Back up the files before you modify them.  Having us
re-install the -std.conf files on upgrades is not a solution to this
problem, because it means that you need to re-install to get the default

2)  People want to be able to compare previous default config files with
new ones.

	--  Fine, but the solution being proposed doesn't allow for
this, because the default config file is over written by the upgrade
step.  The only solution to this is to add the version to the end of the
file, which means that we just keep on adding new files.  No thanks.

3)  People want to see examples of how we think the config should look.

	--  Fine, but that is an example, and belongs as a part of the
manual.  Don't install the -std.conf files in conf/ at all if the goal
is for them to be examples, put them in the manual directory.

If there is another goal, then lets here it, but right now, we are doing
something to solve a problem with an external shell script.  With all of
the input for why this would be a good thing, the solution we are
proposing doesn't ACTUALLY solve any of the problem being proposed.

> > Is there ANY other software package anywhere that actually
> > the default configuration files on an upgrade?????
> Stop handwaving.  No-one is suggesting overwriting httpd.conf.

Re-read that paragraph.  In no place did I say we were.  I said we were
re-installing the default config files on an upgrade, which means that
after I get my conf/ directory down to:   httpd.conf and mime.types,
after the upgrade, I now have those files plus httpd-std.conf.  And
httpd-std.conf DOESN'T have any bearing to my site, and it will always
be installed.  Sorry, that is bogus.


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