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From "Jonas Eriksson" <>
Subject SV: mysqlsupport for virtuals.
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2002 12:32:03 GMT

Well.. I want it to work with apache 2.0x
but thanks anyway.

-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
Från: Jacob Rief [] 
Skickat: den 30 juli 2002 14:20
Ämne: Re: mysqlsupport for virtuals.

I did some work on this. I am using mod_rewrite
and do a dynamical lookup for a rewrite-map using
LDAP. If you wish you may use a RDB instead of LDAP:
This dynamic rewrite-map then can be used to map virtual
hosts and whatever you want.

The biggest problem with mod_rewrite is, that it does
allow only one instance of a mapping program to run.
And if this progam has a problem, the whole webserver
has a problem. I therefore wrote a patch which allows 
to link dynamically such a mapping-dso into mod_rewrite.

Unfortunately nobody from the Apache-group was ever
interrested in this patch. Not even comments.

Have a look at
BTW: the patch works up to version 1.3.26.


On Wed, 2002-07-24 at 17:50, Jonas Eriksson wrote:
> Hi
> My http.conf file grows every day and its getting big...
> It's getting hard to find anyting without seartching in it.
> My question is :
> I like to move all virtualshosts away from httpd.conf in to a mysql
> My doing that it would be muth easy to maintain my virtualhosts.
> Have someone tried this without loosing  preformance?

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