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From "Chris Taylor" <>
Subject Apache 2 on PS2 Linux
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 20:38:27 GMT
Hi all.

I've been a regular user of Apache now for about a year, 1.3 and more
recently 2.0. Recently Sony released a kit to turn their PlayStation 2
console into a fully featured Linux machine (hard drive, Ethernet etc etc).
This kit has been gaining great popularity amongst the Linux community, and
several users (such as myself) have already decided to use it as a webserver

Anyway: to get to the point: the PS2 only has a 300mhz MIPS processor, and
the compile time for Apache is quite hefty. Another discouraging factor for
any would-be Apache on PS2 users is that compiling "anything" can be quite a
daunting task for many people. For this reason, I've decided to provide
compiled Apache 2 binaries for download.

These are currently available from and
I will endeavour to provide the binaries for each new release of Apache 2
within a day or so of it "emerging". I just thought I'd let you guys know
about this potential (admittedly small) market for Apache. With any luck, by
making binaries for it more high-profile, more people will purchase the PS2
kit, and hence get interested in Linux.

I hope you don't mind me posting here, but it seemed like you guys should be
the ones to know. Given that I'm quite new to all of this, I compiled it
using the script, but this has produced a fairly large (>11megs)
archive: is this normal? Or is there an alternate method to provide a
smaller archive?

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Chris Taylor - The guy with the PS2 Webserver :)

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