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From "Werner Schalk" <>
Subject Listen directive
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 17:00:05 GMT

I did post this issue to the
users list but no one was able
to answer this question so I
decided to post it here.

I have a question concerning the
listen directive: The docs say
the listen option is only available
when using the prefork, perchild,
worker or win_nt mpm. For educational
purposes I compiled apache using the
"--with-mpm=leader" option and "httpd -l"
shows the leader mpm. Now I took a look
at the httpd.conf and the listen directive
still exists! I used a "Listen 81" to
bind the apache to port 81 and started
the server (2.0.39) without any problems.
So what's wrong here? Are the docs
incomplete or what?

Thanks and bye,

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