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From "Brad Nicholes" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3/src/main http_main.c
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 16:24:42 GMT
>as os-specific flags (e.g. -w to keep the console open, or -W to send
>off to the logger window before closing?)

If needed, -W and -w sounds fine to me for Apache2.  Although our
default would probably be "-w".  Do we really need to worry about future
parameter conflicts with 1.3?  Since it appears that the official word
is that 1.3 is in maintenance mode now, the likelihood of -E/-e being
backported to 1.3 is slim to none.


Brad Nicholes
Senior Software Engineer
Novell, Inc., a leading provider of Net business solutions 

>>> Wednesday, June 05, 2002 9:58:59 AM >>>
At 10:35 AM 6/5/2002, you wrote:
>    The reason for the "-e" parameter was to solve the following
>on NetWare.  If you are not familiar with the NetWare console...

I am [did that too for about 10 years :-]

>just remember that NetWare is not a general purpose OS and does not
have a
>command shell like most other OS's.  By default starting Apache on
>NetWare creates a new console screen that displays the standard
>startup information.  If anything goes wrong before the error_log is
>opened, the error message is displayed on the Apache console screen
>the screen is left open until a user hits a key.

OK... this is -exactly- what the win32 -w flag is for, holds the
console open
until the user dismisses it [actually it has a timeout of 30 seconds.]

>This allows the user
>to view the error message and take action as you would expect.  The
>downside is that NetWare is intended to be a headless OS, which means
>that the user should not have to interact directly with the console
>resolve a problem.

That's why a timeout plus the wait-for-user.  I figure 95% of failures
are on
reconfiguration anyways, with an operator trying to restart with

>In addition, if Apache is started at boot time, much
>like a Windows service, holding a screen open on an error condition
>stops the server from booting completely (a long story but mostly due
>the fact that the console display is single threaded). Therefore
>needed a way to allow a screen to be opened, not hold the console
>open on an error condition and still display the error message to the
>user.  If we just forced the console screen to close then the error
>message would be lost.  So the "-e" parameter simply tells Apache to
>output to the logger screen on NW6 or the main console on NW5.1
>forcing the screen to close.
>      After having explained the reason why NetWare needs the "-e"
>parameter, I think the real issue is  not the functionality but the
>parameter definition (ie. the use of "-e" itself).  The parameter
>is not really important to me.  It can be anything.  What is
>is the functionality.  If we need to change "-e" to something else, I
>have not problem with that.  This same functionality has not been
>implemented in Apache2 only because I have not determined yet it we
>the same problem.  The infrastructure under Apache2 is completely
>different from Apache 1.3 so holding the console screen open on an
>condition does not seem to cause the same problem of stopping the
>machine from booting if Apache2 is loaded as a service at boot time
>an error occurs.

Cool.  Since this option, too, redirects to another window, what about
and -W
as os-specific flags (e.g. -w to keep the console open, or -W to send
off to the
logger window before closing?)

I might even hack a -W to open the event logger window on failure, sort
of like
your new option.

Or choose whatever else, I'm just concerned that we avoid likely future

as we extend the platform-shared options to httpd.  I don't intend to
-e/-E to 1.3 [although I wouldn't argue if someone else proffered the
so this wasn't an immediate conflict.  I just noticed it trying to
down why
apache 1.3 was broken on win32.


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