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From Fabien COELHO <>
Subject RE: help with apache configuration "logic"...
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 16:06:39 GMT

Hello Ryan,

thanks for your reply.

> > 1/ as 'PRE' is a latin prefix which means before, would it be possible
> for
> >    the sanity of the developpers to either:
> >    a/ call it *before* the configuration is read.
> >    b/ or rename it 'post_config';-)
> >       then the 'post_config' can be renamed 'post_post_config';-)
> No, neither is possible.  The pre refers to when we process the config,
> not when it is read.

Argh. So I need pre/post_read_file hook maybe;-)

> > 2/ if the pre_config is to be run anyway after the configuration file
> is  read, could you suggest another hook I could use ? I can't see
> any...
> >    and the developper documentation is rather scarse and not up to
> date.
> >
> > 3/ or explain what I missed in the source code to understand the logic
> >    behind all that.
> The easiest way to solve the problem you are looking at, is to mark the
> Macro directives as EXEC_ON_READ,

I already needed that so as to be able to locate error messages, as the
cmd->config_file field is not defined otherwise, and I have to deal with
it. The problem is that I need an initialization *before* lines are
submitted to my commands, and this does not solve this issue at all.

> that will get the macros loaded while we read the config file.  Then, in
> pre_config, walk the tree looking for the macro names, and replace them
> with the definitions that you read in earlier.

It seems to me not to work, as you can have a macro definition within a
macro, which might be defined after macro expansion.

Also, I have a problem understanding what you mean by 'walk the tree'. The
macro processing simply performs a macro expansion at the textual level,
which is parsed after expansion by modifying on the fly the config_file
structure with my own stuff...

I can't see anyway a parse-tree for apache configuration file, given its
lexical structure... Is there such a thing?

Thus I think that it would be great if I had a pre/post read hook, really?!
How can I get one? Or should I investigate the 'tree' stuff and try to
cast my stuff into that?

Thanks again for your help,


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