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From Jie Gao <>
Subject last modified header
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 22:41:08 GMT


    On the Apache web server, the last modified HTTP header is returned if
    the HTML or SHTML file is executable. If the file has only read
    permission, then no last modified information is returned.

If this is still the case, it is impossible to take advantage of
Solaris' priority_paging if "last modified" header is also wanted.

Can this be changed to send "last modified" header everytime?

>      All priority paging does is set a new kernel parameter, cachefree, to
> twice the value of lotsfree (without priority paging, lotsfree is the
> parameter which kicks in page scanning).  With this set, the page scanner
> kicks in at cachefree, but will skip over pages of memory which it
> determines to be part of an executable program.  Care must be taken,
> because the way priority paging determines if a page is part of an
> executable is if it comes from a file with the execute bit set.  Therefore,
> if a data file has the execute bit set, priority paging will think it's an
> executable and skip over it.



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