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From Karl Fogel <>
Subject Re: httpd bug: bodies of bad requests not eaten correctly
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 21:51:06 GMT
Justin Erenkrantz <> writes:
> Hmph.  I'll try to reproduce here, but without the series of SVN
> commands, this'll be hard.  Even if you can send me hard repro
> recipies, I can probably sort it out.  
> Looks like it's not eating the last line of the previous
> request.  Odd.  -- justin

Well, basically I just ran an svn tests over DAV:

   $ cd subversion/tests/clients/cmdline
   $ ./ 1 --url http://localhost

after having set up my Apache in the way recommended in the README in
that directory, of course.

However, the trick is to get your Apache to do early rejection of
requests.  Ben C-S was doing the same thing on his FreeBSD box (I have
RedHat here), but Apache ate all of the initial request before
responding with a 404.  In Ben's Ethereal capture, the 404 is not
interleaved with the client's request the way it is in mine.

Why the two behave differently, we don't know.  If you can't reproduce
this in your environment, let me know, and we'll figure something out.


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