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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: ISAPI replacement
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 16:28:13 GMT
At 03:50 AM 6/26/2002, Novak, Jira (CAP, GCF) wrote:
>Hi people.
>I change IIS to Apache and I have any ISAPI extensions.
>I have problems with ISAPI fully functionality under Apache, so I'm
>searching for ISAPI replacement.
>I need call windows dll from apache but without dll unloading after web
>request end.
>(I need hold open connections from dll to next applications for maximum

Ok... 1. Apache 2.0.39 no longer dumps the module after each request.  It
was a huge threading problem when the same module would be hit multiple
times by concurrent connections.  You can pre-cache the ISAPI module.

2. Apache/mod_isapi (as well as IIS 5/6) ignore your choice on keepalives
(holding open connections.)  That is up to the web server itself!  Your headers
are intermixed with the negotatiated connection headers, and those of any
other module in the filter stack (e.g. mod_deflate could take your ISAPI
modules' output and compress if the server is set up that way.)  So whatever
keepalives the server negotiates with the client, will be the keepalive state
for your ISAPI request.

3. 2.0.39 fixed a ton of bugs in mod_isapi.  Use no other version (until 2.0.40
is released.)

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