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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Problems with Apache 2.0.3.x as service on WinXP
Date Sun, 09 Jun 2002 12:46:49 GMT

   Yes, <Directory "r:"> isn't even a path.  Try <Directory "r:/">.  Same
for DocumentRoot.  "r:" says "The current working directory, on r:" which
is absolutely meaningless for a service (and too vague for general practice.)

At 05:17 AM 6/9/2002, (Juergen Heckel) wrote:
>I have since v2.0.32 these two problems despite of the newest patches:
>"Fix the working directory *for WinNT/2K/XP services only* to
>change to the Apache directory (one level above the location
>of Apache.exe, in the case that Apache.exe resides in bin/.)
>Solves the case of ServerRoot /foo paths where /foo was not
>on the same drive as /winnt/system32.  [William Rowe]"
>I'm the admin, the Apache service has admin rights, no problems when
>Apache runs as console app., and no problem when Apache runs as service
>on a Win2000 server; only XP makes troubles.
>1. If Directory points to a mapped network drive (e.g. R:) the service
>does not start:
>    Syntax error: <Directory "r:"> path is invalid.
>2. If DocumentRoot points to a mapped network drive (e.g. R:) the
>service does not start:
>    Syntax error: DocumentRoot must be a directory.
>UNC-names are accepted instead of the mapped drives (local drives are ok
>but now does not load:
>The Apache service named  reported the following error:
> >>> Cannot load F:/Apache2/modules/ into server: The module 
> was not found.
>and PHP has similar problems.
>Therefore I have to use mapped drivenames.

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