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From Andi Gutmans <>
Subject Re: [PHP-DEV] Re: PHP profiling results under 2.0.37 Re: Performance of Apache 2.0 Filter
Date Sat, 08 Jun 2002 07:41:41 GMT
At 09:12 PM 6/7/2002 -0700, Brian Pane wrote:
>In case it's helpful to the PHP developers, here are
>some more performance problems that I found by running
>a quick system call profile of PHP-4.2.1 within
>* php_request_shutdown() calls shutdown_memory_manager(), which
>  does a large number of calls to free() per request.  If there's
>  any way to get the PHP allocator to use an APR pool, that
>  should help speed things up a lot.  (The mallocs and frees are
>  going to be especially problematic within multithreaded MPMs.)

We're already doing this for Win32. Check out 
ZEND_DO_MALLOC/ZEND_DO_FREE/ZEND_DO_REALLOC in zend_alloc.c. Note that in 
Win32 we only skip the free's if we're in release mode. If we're in debug 
mode we use a per-thread pool but we do the frees because it's our memory 
leak detector.

>* The lex_scan() function consumed a lot of CPU time, even though
>  in my test case (a file with no actual embedded scripting code)
>  only the loop right after the "yy_match" label ever got executed.

In general I've profiled PHP and the scanning stage doesn't take too much 
CPU time. You shouldn't test an empty html page but rather a real-life PHP 
script. I've profiled PHP a lot and be aware that the profiling results 
change a lot according to what script you're running. As it's gone through 
various optimizations already there isn't an easy to find bottleneck.

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